What Does WordPress Itself Recommend?

WordPress has a top 3 of best hosting companies on their own website. These are hosts which they trust and believe will offer you the best service out there:1. Bluehost

Bluehost is the most used WordPress hosting in the world! Powering over 2 million websites using WordPress!

They offer:

  • #1 recommended web hosting by WordPress.org

  • A free domain with your hosting

  • Hosting for under $4 per month

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • Sites are faster than 88% of the other websites!

  • WordPress Auto-install for your site

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2. DreamHost

DreamHost is the number 2 in the list of best WordPress hosting companies according to WordPress. They power over 1.5 million WordPress Websites worldwide!

They offer:

  • 97-day money back guarantee (best out there!)

  • Automatic WordPres install for your website

  • Automatic WordPress Updates

  • Hosting for under 8$ per month

  • Servers use Solid State Disks (SSD), making them one of the fastest out there

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3. SiteGround

DreamHost is the number 3 in the list of best WordPress hosting companies according to WordPress.

They offer:

  • Free Site Transfer

  • One-click WordPres install for your website

  • Automatic WordPress Updates

  • Hosting for under $4 per month

  • 3 levels of caching for an ultra-fast site

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Best Hosting Through My Experience

Over the past 15 years I have used many different companies to host my websites. During these years I have seen prices go down from over 50$ / month to just a few bucks these months. And the good thing is, the cheapest ones are actually the best ones too!

Below you will find my 3 recommendations for hosting companies depending on the type of website(s) you are making and whether or not you already have a website.

1. Creating a single website from scratch

If you are about to make a completely new website and don't expect millions of visitors / month (which will apply for most people out there), I follow WordPress' advice to go with BlueHost.

Their system is incredibly user friendly, they have an awarded customer service to help you through any problems you may encounter and they simply offer the best bang for your buck. It isn't without a reason that they are by far the most used hosting provider out there for WordPress and I couldn't recommend any other company if you are creating a single site.

Another great advantage of BlueHost is the fact that you can start working on your site within seconds after registering. They have though of a smart solution for you to be able to start while your domain is being registered and WordPress is being installed.

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2. Moving your site from another host

If you already have a WordPress website, but are not happy with your current hosting company or you want to move to a cheaper host I recommend going for SiteGound.

SiteGround offers a Free Site Transfer, so you can move your current WordPress site to their service and start saving today! The good thing about this service is they offer it for any plan, even their $3.95/month plan! So if you want to save some money, go check them out for sure!

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3. Creating a site with massive traffic / content

If you are about to create a website (or already own one) which will generate massive traffic and needs a lot of storage, HostGator is the place to go. Prices a bit higher than BlueHost and SiteGround, they do offer packages with a lot more storage (150GB) and unlimited Email Addresses.

It is definitely worth checking out if you are planning something big!

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Register Your Hosting Within Minutes


Since BlueHost is probably the provider I would recommend to most people (best for building new WordPress websites), I have included instructions of registering for them below. If you need any help registering with any of the other companies you can contact me here!

  1. Go to Bluehost.com
  2. Click on Get started now

3. Select your plan. I recommend just going with the basic plan, unless you expect huge traffic 4. Fill out the domain name you wish to register. Remember, if you include it with hosting it is free using BlueHost!5. Fill out your details, or if you have a Google Account you can use your account to get all the information filled out for you.
5. Choose the account plan. If you plan on having your website for a while, it may be worth paying for 3 years as you will get a good discount.

If you get a .com domain I highly recommend getting the domain privacy for $0,99 / month. This will prevent advertisers from seeing your personal information and will prevent you from getting spammed. The other options are - in my opinion - not worth your money at the start. If you attract a lot of traffic and make a lot of money through website sales, you may consider 'Codeguard Basic', but for now, I would save that money!6. Select your payment method (you can find PayPal under more payment options and you are done!Congratulations! You just registered your domain and hosting! Let's get started on that website!

Setting Up BlueHost

So we have just registered our domain and gotten our hosting! Now it's time to setup our BlueHost account and log into our WordPress site.

Step 1: After completing the signup process you will be taken to the next page where we can insert our password for BlueHost. Please note that this will NOT be your WordPress password, we will set this up later!

Step 2: On the next page we will be able to enter our BlueHost password. Make sure it contains at least 1 special character, 1 capital letter and 1 number. Also make sure to check the box agreeing to the terms and click on next.

Step 3: On the next page we are shown a few themes we can choose from. If you see a theme you like feel free to select it and give it a try. Remember: we can change themes at any time without losing any of our pages. In the next part of the guide I will walk you through picking themes and give a few examples of themes I have used in the past.

If you don't see any themes you like, just scroll down and skip this step for now.

Step 4: We will be taken to the next page where we can actually log into our new WordPress site. As you can see in the bar on top, BlueHost gives you a temporary domain so we can start building straight away! So let's click on Start building and move to WordPress.

Step 5: Welcome to WordPress! As you can see, WordPress offers help setting up your site. Since you are following this Step-By-Step guide we can just click on 'I don't need help' for now, as we will cover every single part you need to know.

Step 6: We are now ready to start building our site. As you can see on this screen our website is now displaying a 'coming soon' page, which we will keep for now. As soon as we are happy to show our website to the world, we will press on launch.

For now: let's go to Part 2 where we prepare our WordPress site to be as fast, save and userfriendly as possible!

I made a detailed Free Step-By-Step video guide to help you through the entire proces!