Setting Up WordPress

Configuring WordPress

Step 1. The first thing we want to do when we get ourselves a fresh version of WordPress is change the settings for things as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Speed, etc.

So first we go to settings. Here we can change the Title and 'tagline' of our website as shown in the picture below. The Title is the most important one as it will show on your website as well as on the top of your browser where we see the tabs.

The tagline is basically our subtitle. On this website I have 'Make Your WordPress Site' as title and 'A Free Step-By-Step Guide' as tagline. So let's adjust your title and tagline in our settings page.

Another thing we see on this page is the default email. If we ever lose access to our site for whatever reason, this is the email address we can use to recover our access, so make sure to change it to one of your email addresses. Note that you will need to click a link in your mail to confirm you actually own the address.

Once we have changed the title, tagline and mail; scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'save'.

Step 2: In the submenu of settings we see 'Permalinks', which is the next (and very important) step in configuring our website. On this page we can say how we want url's of our pages to be on our website. WordPress standard creates links like: []/?p=[number]. This doesn't really make sense and wont bring logic to your site.

By selecting 'Post Name' we will change the ?p=[number] to the actual name of our page or post. For example: on this website I did the same resulting in pages such as:

This makes sense for your visitors, but more importantly: it will help you rank for the word 'hosting' in Google! So make sure to select ' Post Name', scroll down and save!

Step 3: Optional: if you want to use BlueHost to log onto your site you can skip this step!

Now let's change the password for WordPress. When we were setting up our website through BlueHost we created a password. This password will let you log into your BlueHost account and through your BlueHost you can automatically log into your WordPress site. However, we can also directly log into our website by going to: https://[]/wp-admin. Here we will be asked for a username and password, but at this moment we don't know the password yet.

To change the password we go to users and click on 'admin'.On this page scroll down and click on 'generate password'

Change the password into a good strong password and click on 'update profile'. Now you can always log onto your website by going to 'https://[]/wp-admin using 'admin'. as login and the password we just made!

Now we are all set to move to the next step: pages.