Start Making Your Site

Step 1: Let's register your domain and hosting! For more information on choosing your domain name click here, for more information for hosting click here.

Or: check the availability of your domain name right now and claim it!

Choose Your Section

Setting Up WordPress

In this step I will explain exactly what to do once you log into your WordPress for the first time. We will go over the different settings to make sure your site is fast and secure!


What are pages and what should we do before we start building our site?


What are themes and how can we find and install the theme which suits best to our website? In this part I will show you exactly how to do this!


In this section we will go over posts and exactly how to create posts, the use of categories, tags and adding images!


We will go over what plugins are, how to install them and which plugins are essential for your website!

Customize - Logo and Header

Using the customize feature of WordPress we can really make the website our own! In this section we will cover how to go to customize and how to change the logo and header of your site!

Customize - Sidebar and footer

In this section we will look at how to change the sidebar of your website and how to change your footer.

Customize - static homepage

Setting a static homepage will be very important if you are making a company site (basically anything except a blog). Here we will discuss how to do this and how to fully customize our homepage!

Adding a contact us page

Adding a contact page is a good way to get in touch with your visitors. By using a form you don't have to put your email on your site, which will prevent you from getting spammed.

Creating a (custom) menu

By creating your own menu, you stay in control and can decide which pages to include. Adding it will only take a few minutes!