Choose The Right Domain Name

Choosing the right domain may be more important than you think:

  • It will help you rank high in Google within your Niche;
  • It will help your audience remember the url and visit again whenever they have a question about what you are talking about;
  • It can help build trust.

Step 1: What kind of website will you be making?

By identifying the type of site we are making we can now pick our domain smarter. Are you making a site about yourself or about your existing company? Well that one is easy, pick www.[yourname].com (I will talk about .com vs other extensions in a minute).

If you are making a webshop (and don't own a physical shop), you want to have a catchy name that sticks. For example, if we are going to sell shoes we want people to come back every time when they need shoes rather than having to rely on Google ranking every time they google for buying shoes.

Are you making a blog / authority website? At this point we want what we are talking about to be within the domain! This will help us rank so much better in Google and will increase the chances of people finding us. Let's take this site as an example: I am writing about making WordPress websites, so I choose the url: and (both addresses will end up on this site). This domain tells you exactly what this website is about: Making WordPress sites.

Step 2: Which extension should you use (com/net/org/site/etc.)?

These days we can pick hundreds of different extensions, but which one should you pick? Well in most cases I would recommend a .com domain, because these will actually rank better in Google and also appear more professional.

In the Free Training Guide I have explained how you can link several domains to 1 website (like this one: and both end up on this website). Click here to get instant free access!

However, if you are going to make your site in your own language (for me that would be Dutch) it might definitely be worth using the extension of your country (in my case .nl)! If people search in your language on Google, websites with your countries extension will get a boost in the ranking!

TIP: If the domain you want is already taken as .com, don't decide to use it using a different extension! This will confuse visitors and there is a good chance they will visit the .com website the next time, losing traffic! You will also have to compete with the other site in ranking, which may be challenging!

Step 3: Get Creative!

Alright, we know which domain we want, but it has already been claimed. Unfortunately this happens quite a bit these days, so we may have to be creative. Now I have this weird fascination about the brain and have read just about every book there is out there on the brain - and how we can get more creative. If you are stuck and can't think of a creative name try this:

  1. Write down what your website is about;
  2. For 5 minutes write down the most stupid names you can think of - doesn't matter if you would never use them;
  3. Now actually brainstorm and write down potential names you would like to use.

This may sound silly, but it actually works! If you have already spent a lot of time thinking about a domain you will keep ending up with the same names. By breaking this thinking pattern we actually become a lot more creative!

Now all we need to do is check if our chosen domain name is free and claim it!

Check If Your Domain Is Free

Use the tool below to check if your domain is free right now! It is provided by BlueHost, the hosting company I personally recommend and the number 1 advised company to work with by WordPress (Check out the hosting section for more information on BlueHost)

Register Your Domain

You have decided on which domain to choose and checked if it's free? Now it's time to claim that domain!

I recommend getting your hosting together with your domain, because providers such as Bluehost will give you a you a free domain if you decide to get hosting with them too! If you want to learn how to register your domain and hosting click here. If you just want to claim your domain for now you can follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to (Learn why I advise BlueHost)
  2. Click on Domains

3. Fill out your desired domain and click Search

4. Fill out your details, or if you have a Google Account you can use your account to get all the information filled out for you. If you get a .com domain I highly recommend getting the domain privacy for $0,99 / month. This will prevent advertisers from seeing your personal information and will prevent you from getting spammed.5. Select your payment method (you can find PayPal under more payment options and you are done!

Congratulations! You just claimed your domain!

I made a detailed Free Step-By-Step video guide to help you through the entire proces!